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Female Support Worker Visits Senior Couple At Home

Do you have funding for Support Coordination in your NDIS plan? If so, we can help you! 

Our support coordinators are fluent in Auslan and will be able to explain everything and make sure you fully understand because NDIS funding is there for you to improve your life. 

We can; 

  • Connect you to various supports or services 
  • Explain what your NDIS plan means 
  • Explain how you can use your NDIS funding to meet your goals 
  • Make sure all supports and services you are connected to is progressing well 
  • Support you to monitor your NDIS plan to make sure you are using your funding to the max 
  • Teach and support you how to use NDIS portal and where to find things 
  • Explain the service agreements you may receive from other service providers 
  • Support you if you have issues with other service providers 
  • Ordering various assistive technologies and arrange someone to set them up and train you how to use them 
  • Support you at your next NDIS review meeting 
  • Assist you with appeals and tribunals 
Woman interpreting sign language

We have both Deaf and hearing support workers (including Deaf Aboriginal and Nepalese/Bhutanese) who can support you in many ways to meet your goals and needs. We can support you in many different ways such as; 

  • Understanding paperwork and support with filling out forms 
  • Support you at social events eg festivals, expos, community parties etc 
  • Support you at medical or any other appointments 
  • Assist with transport and/or how to use public transport and taxi/uber training 
  • Setting up assistive technologies and train you how to use them 
  • Other daily living skills trainings eg preparing for your driver’s licence test, how to use an ATM, how to book an appointment with your doctor etc 
  • How to problem solve 
  • Support in the home eg cleaning, cooking, washing etc 
  • Support with gardening and maintenance 
  • Personal care 
  • and many more! 
app interpreter

We have access to; 

  • Auslan interpreters 
  • Deaf Interpreters 
  • Deafblind Interpreters 
  • Nepali and Bhutanese Interpreters 
  • Communication Aides 
  • Video Relay Interpreters 

You can book an interpreter for many different reasons such as; 

  • Family weddings, funerals, parties or gatherings 
  • Medical appointments 
  • Counselling 
  • Community events or parties 
  • Hobby courses 
  • Your children’s sporting events 
  • Lessons eg swimming, driving, cooking, craft etc 
  • To buy something eg house, car, lounge or swimming pool 
  • Home or yard renovations 
  • Work related meetings, interviews, events, trainings etc 
  • and many more! 

For work related events, you can use your Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) if you have one. If not, please let us know and we can help you. 

Lady communicating by asl gestures with friend via tablet, language for deaf

English (written) to Auslan 

You might receive a letter or any other paperwork that is hard to read and understand. Our translators can support you by reading your paperwork then explain to you in Auslan. You can ask questions for clarification. It is very important that you fully understand what your paperwork is saying because sometimes they are very important eg Centrelink, bank, Australian Taxation Office, insurance etc. We also can translate newspaper articles or other text-based information and translate it into Auslan for you. We can do this face to face or by video call, whichever you prefer. 

Young handsome male customer support phone operator with headset working in his office.

English (voice) to Auslan or written English 

There might be a video or a podcast or any other voice-based media that is in spoken English and you want to know what they are saying, our transcriber will translate them into written English or Auslan for you. We also can add captions onto the video for you if preferred. 

Top above high angle view photo of focused interested daddy papa kid family, activity creative workshop interior industrial touch wood hardwood checkered shirt clothing indoors

We have Deaf, Hard of Hearing and some with cochlear implants mentors who can support and share knowledge, experience, and wisdom with you including role modelling. We also have Deaf Aboriginal and Deaf Nepalese/Bhutanese mentors available. This service is open to all d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing including with cochlear implant adults and children. 

People during sign language course holding their hands in to help gesture

We have experienced Auslan tutors who can teach you or your family how to communicate in Auslan. We also can teach your work mates, your children’s childcare centre, sports teammates or friends. We can teach Auslan in your home or at your workplace or somewhere suitable. 

Our Auslan tutors has experience and resources to teach Auslan at different levels depending on the learners’ ages and abilities. 

Are you looking for fun and energetic experiences?

Would you like to be part of a big, vibrant community?

Do you want to interact with people but feel limited by lack of appropriate support?

If the answer is YES, then The Deaf Butterfly Effect can help you with NDIS social andcommunity participation in South Australia.

We encourage you to step out of your home, be a part of the community and try new things.

A range of experiences are available to suit various interests, and we can assist you every step of the way. Activities could include: art classes, fishing, festival outings, sailing, playing sports, swimming, plus much more.

What are the benefits of NDIS Innovative Community Participation?

Engaging with the community is a necessity for any human being. As social beings, we yearn for some sort of social interaction. While this is easily achieved by the general populace, people with disabilities may struggle to foster meaningful social interaction. The benefits of social inclusion are multifold and positive influence on the lives of our participants.

Active community participation helps:

  • Enhance your mood and inspire a happy state of mind
  • Concentration and mental drive
  • Set goals or directions in life
  • Promote creativity and imagination skills
  • Provide a sense of belonging
  • Build social skills, networks and support systems
  • Find a purpose and opportunity to contribute to the community
  • Improve adaptability under different conditions
  • Ability to contribute as a member of the community

Our programs for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and non-verbal young people can offer a variety of enriching activities that encourage them to grow and thrive through meaningful participation.

Participants are able to achieve the same benefits as their hearing peers when activities are inclusive and meet the unique needs of Deaf, Hard of Hearing and non-verbal people.

Our programs have a positive impact on youth development outcomes related to independence, leadership, self-esteem, problem-solving, sense of belonging, feelings of empowerment, and development of identity.

  • Deafhood Kids: for 5 to 11 years old
  • Deafhood: for 12 to 17 years old
  • DH18+: for 18 to 25 years old

Admission tickets are sponsored by ‘Deaf Priori-ty Grant program’. Participants pool for the cost of Auslan interpreters, when needed, using personal NDIS funds. If you require assistance to participate, we can arrange a support worker to transport and accompany you using your NDIS funding.

We have established ‘Butterfly Garden,’ a quarterly event for children aged 0-4. This is great for all (hearing included) children to begin their Auslan journey. Each event has a different theme, such as ‘Farm animals,’ ‘Teddybear Picnic,’ etc.

We will also begin a new group ‘Blak Butterfly’ for First Nations youth in 2023, aiming to provide a space for under 18’s to learn about their culture and history. The group will be led by Samantha Wilson, a proud Mutti Mutti woman, and Leigh-Anne, a proud Maori woman.

This social group is great for anyone, from beginners to Native Auslan users.

We provide a welcoming and positive atmosphere to foster development or maintenance of Auslan (if you don’t know a sign, just write it down!)

It is also a great way to socialise and meet other people who are passionate and keen to be involved in the Deaf community.

Voices Off meet monthly at various venues in Adelaide metro areas.

This is an 18+ only group.

The Deaf Butterfly Effect collaborates with Sign Language Australia to sponsor drinks and food to share so that no one feels inhibited from joining in.

There’s no question that creativity is a powerful tool – it can help us expressourselves, come up with new ideas, and solve problems. For people with disabilities,creativity can be a significant way to connect with the world and communicate theirthoughts and feelings. That’s why we offer inclusive social workshops, delivered inAuslan, and where participants can let their creative side take over.

When we’re creative, we explore new ideas and innovate. We can also acknowledge and celebrate our uniqueness and diversity.

Our workshops are designed to be fun and social. They offer participants the opportunity to connect with others who share similar interests. Plus, they can enjoy the benefits of creativity in a relaxed and supportive environment.

This is held monthly at Toorak Gardens and it is open to all Deaf, Hard of Hearing and non-verbal NDIS participants.

Programs include different craft activities throughout the year such as mosaic, resin art, macrame, sewing, Christmas decorations, scrapbooking etc.

In partnership with the City of West Torrens we have Auslan Storytime and Sign Squad.

Auslan Storytime is for preschool aged children between 0-5 years.Reading books through Auslan is a great way to introduce sign language to children and their caregivers.

Held monthly on Wednesday and Friday mornings in school terms.

Sign Squad is for people between 12-25 years who keen to learn Auslan.Many pre-schools and primary schools are now incorporating Auslan as a taught language but there are not many high schools doing the same. We wanted to fill this gap and provide students the opportunity to continue to learn Auslan.

These sessions are held after school on Friday’s once a month.

Both Auslan Storytime and Sign Squad are run in the Hamra Centre Library.

Making public spaces inclusive is something we feel is important.

Working with various Councils and Shires across Australia we have designed Auslan Communication Boards that can be displayed in playgrounds and other public spaces.

Our goal is to make Auslan visible, encourage the community to try Auslan, and promote alternative methods of communication.

Keep an eye out on our Social Media updates about which playground sand libraries have Auslan Communication Boards, so you can visit them yourself!

Current cities we are working with:

  • Campbelltown City Council
  • Town of Gawler
  • City of Ballarat
  • City of North Sydney
  • Shire of Nillumbik
  • Copper Coast Council
  • Shire of Kent
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