Deaf Priori-ty

The Deaf Butterfly Effect believes strongly in giving back to the Deaf Community in which they operate. Beyond The Deaf Butterfly Effect’s role in providing essential services, they desire to be an important part of building Deaf community’s strength to ensure its sustainability.

Following these values, Founders and Directors, Tanya and Tim Tutty, aspired to create an ongoing grant program to support Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, focusing on young people in particular.The naming this grant program was an easy decision. The needed to look no further than an incredibly influential individual who shared the same visions, virtues and goals for the Deaf community as they did, Barry Priori!

When approached Barry was delighted and honoured to have his legacy of generosity and bringing people together carried further through this program.

Barry’s love for the Deaf community, and his priority of sharing its language and culture with the broader community became a fitting title. In conjunction with his surname, the Deaf Priori-ty GrantProgram was born.

Sadly Barry passed away two months later in March 2022.

The Deaf Butterfly Effect uses a percentage of profits to generate money for this grant. This, in turn, funds all of our youth programs. Grant funding is also used towards our other programs Voices Off, Deafhood camps, craft workshops, among others.

Deaf Priori-ty Grant Program is something we are immensely proud of, and we hope Barry’s legacy of a strong Deaf community always continues.

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